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I am hoping the Avermedia m combo pcie someday gets working firmware. I think DVB is european? The only OTA analog channels are low-power, and I doubt that is what you would record. Antenna is connected to the correct spot on the card. Next Post Still plugging along….

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I imagine Mint does, but I dont know. Titigrom, when you download the AC3 filterdo you just run the installer and that’s it?

AVerMedia Mb AVerTV Combo PCIe Atsc/ntsc/qam TV Tuner Card | eBay

Thanks for the effort! Previous Post Hardware troubles. Did the channel scan tried all of them but it only picks up 11 channels. May 15, at They mostly do the same thing for your current setup, so it’s a question of libux and future proof.

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April 29, at 7: AVerMedia will keep your information and save a backup in the Web site database. You may obtain the License for the use of product imagines, trademarks and logos of AVerMedia via contacting AVerMedia for detailed information. By Cauptain in forum Capturing. Or get the Prime for 3 tuners, but if they go encrypted, you’ll need to get a CableCard or it’ll be useless. If you cable company goes encrypted, then you can reuse it for Antenna.


Results 1 to 12 of How do you install this driver in Ubuntu 10? I am hoping the Avermedia m combo pcie someday gets working firmware. The former owners of woot have linuux new site meh.

It works well and is a pcie card. Select your product series. Please visit this website periodically to review the current Terms of use.

But before I buy another tuner, I libux least want some perspective on what to expect. Right now I can get the major networks via Clear QAM and some analog channels by connecting the cable straight from the wall into my TV, so they’re definitely unencrypted at least for now. If you do not agree to the following terms and conditions, please do not use this Web site.

I would very much appreciate it. Last edited by telemark; at Everything on the page looks exactly the same, except for no option to scan all frequencies.

AVerMedia M780-b AVerTV Combo PCIe Atsc/ntsc/qam TV Tuner Card

Be aware that the cable card version does not to ATSC over the airand the non-cable card version does not do encryption. I tried all sorts of different things I read on the web, including this: January 10, at You mentioned recording analog channels.


This is the result of some kernel developers deciding it was a good idea to change the names of some popular functions, without any concern for the breakage it would cause with out of tree drivers or older kernels.

The continued use of this website will mean user accept any change. I just have that thought in the back of my head that it’s avermesia simple like a program I don’t have installed or something. Can you tell me what to do in order to see if my card is even recognised by Linux and what is a good DVR that will use it? June 1, kinux 4: