I had that issue because of how I’ve built the first module. To reduce that all into one single command, I just set the project. Cannot find module” into google, and found this question. Mohammed Abo-zaid 26 6. In this case, you are not neccesarily telling the server that this is a real address that it should resolve, but rather that this is an identifier for a ValueSet where ValueSet. According to the NPM docs, NPM checks to see if that specific variable is set to production , and if so, it will only install production packages. I thought about running npm install npm -g to force the latest version of NPM, and doing similar for Node itself, but I really didn’t want to monkey around with the web app’s virtual machine potentially breaking things.

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We want our API to respond with a in both of these cases. The watcher seemed to not see the new folder and the module was now missing. Also, for the error: After pulling down a module from GitHub and following the instructions to build it, I try pulling it into an existing project using: Pinning dependencies allows piecemeal upgrades-substantially less maintenance.

HAPI Installation

For example, if I set my Hapi app to listen on portthen I can load it up in the instaol at http: Extremely frustrated at this point and about to file a bug with Kudu, I noticed the Kudu service dashboard listed a “Runtime versions” API endpoint. Perhaps if you are doing a one-off toy project, maintenance is cheap.


I would think re-writing a dependency from scratch is also pretty expensive. So even if your server app is happily chugging along, diligently listening for requests on whatever port you gave it, it will never receive a request. Each resource provider implements a Search method implementing the complete set of search parameters defined in the FHIR specification for the given resource type.

This solved an issue where Error: This will install all dependencies and modules into your project folder.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Instead of you telling Azure which port configuration to use, Azure tells you. Belgor 2 8. Install NPM packages in your site oculd.

How do I resolve “Cannot find module” error using ? – Stack Overflow

How I solved the problem is: Also startup scripts should be fixed. My intent was to have two directories – one for the faye sources from github and another one for my project that requires faye.

Replace it with the code below, comment out the return lines one by one, and test the response in your browser.

Maybe like me you set ‘view engine’ in express to an engine that doesn’t exist, or tried to use an unregistered templating engine.

Retrieved from ” http: The person had suggested to run the command npm install in my project folder.


So, the default setup is that the pm2 process starts when nvm is not in effect, so it uses the th installation of Node. Kudos to you and to Google! It bundles an embedded instance of the Apache Derby Java database so that the server can run without depending on any external database, but it can also be configured to use an installation of Oracle, Postgres, etc.

Building Apps and Services with the Framework — SitePoint

I already had the chromedriver file in my selenium folder. Noy recent release of version The RESTful server uses an embedded Derby database, but can be configured to talk to any database supported by Hibernate.

And then everything broke. Regardless, I couldn’t find any documentation or reports for this so I have assume Azure just can’t do concatenated commands.

Everything that went wrong when deploying my Node + Hapi app to Microsoft Azure

The worst part was the errors didn’t even make sense. Note that running npm start in Windows itself will run those multiple commands just fine, so there might be something else going on here. Dave Causey 4, 5 24